Trailer for Aventura SMP Minecraft Server

My friends have created a new Minecraft server called Aventura SMP. It is a really fun Java Minecraft server that allows Bedrock players, too. That means you can play on a PC, on your mobile phone, on Nintendo Switch, etc. The server IP address is play.aventurasmp.com, and the port for Bedrock players is 8083. Please check it out. Here is the trailer for the server …

It is a Towny server, which means you can create towns, charge taxes, invite residents to live in your town, grow the land size of the town, etc. It has PVP enabled when you are outside of a safe area like a town so be careful! It has crates you can use special keys on, which you get from voting for the server. It also had fishing competitions, which can be fun and a good way to earn money. My favorite part of the server is the process of leveling up Aurelium skills. The Aurelium skills plugin is a lot like McMMO, but it is a little more interesting, and you can increase skills like agility, fishing, mining, excavation, fighting, etc., just by doing activities you would normally do.

The server also has the Jobs Reborn plugin so you can choose to be a miner or lumberjack or another job and make money by doing that job. There are chest shops, an admin shop, and an auction house so there are plenty of ways to spend your money. The server also has ranks so if you have saved up a lot of money, you can spend the money by ranking up and getting more perks.

This is server is not a pay to win server so you should never have to pay real life money for anything.

Come check Aventura right now! play.aventurasmp.com (and use port: 8083 if you are playing Bedrock Minecraft)

Nowhere Land Minecraft Server

I wanted to make an official Nowhere Land Minecraft server post with all of the links for it.

Nowhere Land is a really cool Java Minecraft server that is mostly Vanilla and Survival. It has some tricks up its sleeve, though. For example, when you die, you are come back in a random area that could be far from everything you know, and you lose all of your inventory and ownership of any claims/plots/chunks/towns that you owned. The only thing you will have left is what you put in an enderchest. Therefore, dying is not an option on this server.

Here are more links that will tell you about the server, starting with my latest YouTube video for it …

The Life and Times of Nowhere Land – Episode 5

Nowhere Land Reddit Page


Nowhere Land on Planet Minecraft

Nowhere Land Wiki

My Nowhere Land YouTube Playlist

The Server IP address for Nowhere Land is

The Life and Times of Nowhere Land, episode 4

In this episode of The Life and Times of Nowhere Land, we look at Sylva, a base that is all about trees and the forest. We also go over the effect of shaders, like Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders. We go over some basic towny commands, and we also visit a cool new hotel in the bustling town of Tribeca.

Nowhere Land is a really cool Minecraft server (Java). Check it out today!

The Life and Times of Nowhere Land, episode 4

How to make concrete in Minecraft

Concrete is very popular in Minecraft because it is easy to make and you can make it every color you can think of.

Here is a video on how to make concrete …

All you need to make concrete is sand, gravel, flowers (or other types of plants for dye), and a crafting table. Those ingredients make concrete powder, and you can drop the concrete powder in water afterwards for it to solidify into concrete.

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The server I play on in the video is Swancraft. Check it out!


How to find Netherite in Minecraft

This video shows me playing on the Swancraft server, and it will show how I go to the Nether world looking for Ancient Debris. Ancient Debris can be cooked or smelted to become Netherite Scraps. It then takes 4 Netherite scraps and 4 gold ingots to make one Netherite ingot. The one Netherite ingot can then be used in a Smithing table to create a better weapon or tool.

Check out the video!

Villages and Villagers in Minecraft

I am playing on a server called CreaturesMC right now. It is a nice server, and I feel like it is in its early stages because there are updates to it, and there are some things still being worked out. However, when it is all done, I think it will be a really nice server so try it out.

While on this server, I am trying to learn more about working with a village and with the villagers that live there. I am not quite sure how to breed villagers, but I aim to find out.

I made a video about it and the CreaturesMC server. Check it out …