Nowhere Land Minecraft Server

I wanted to make an official Nowhere Land Minecraft server post with all of the links for it.

Nowhere Land is a really cool Java Minecraft server that is mostly Vanilla and Survival. It has some tricks up its sleeve, though. For example, when you die, you are come back in a random area that could be far from everything you know, and you lose all of your inventory and ownership of any claims/plots/chunks/towns that you owned. The only thing you will have left is what you put in an enderchest. Therefore, dying is not an option on this server.

Here are more links that will tell you about the server, starting with my latest YouTube video for it …

The Life and Times of Nowhere Land – Episode 5

Nowhere Land Reddit Page


Nowhere Land on Planet Minecraft

Nowhere Land Wiki

My Nowhere Land YouTube Playlist

The Server IP address for Nowhere Land is

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