How to make a large map of an area in Minecraft

In this YouTube video, I will show how I make a 9X9 map of an area. You need to make compasses, item frames, and maps for this to work.


Falling Crate Keys on the Swancraft Server (Minecraft)

I made a video of all the players on the Swancraft server trying to race to get the “falling crate keys”. This is a fun event the Swancraft staff do to make the server a little more exciting. You can end up with some really cool items.

Check out the video …

Westworld 3 Trailer

I am still trying to finish the second season of Westworld (it can be very confusing and slow to watch, but I still love it overall). I saw the trailer for Westworld season 3 (with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul) right before the Game of Thrones finale, and I had no idea I was watching a trailer for Westworld. The Pink Floyd song choice was genius, and everything about season 3 looks great.

I love Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album so I was happy they used the song, “Brain Damage”, in the trailer …

I was thrilled when Westworld premiered on HBO. I still think the first episode is one of the best things I have seen on TV in a while. It made me remember the 1973 Westworld movie that Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park) wrote.

Most people forget that there was a sequel to Westworld with Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner (Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom) called “Futureworld” in 1976.

New Terminator trailer!

This site will mainly be about Minecraft, but I will post about pop culture and other topics from time to time. I was very excited about the trailer for the new Terminator: Dark Fate movie. I love how the trailer features a cover of Bjork’s song, “Hunter”.

Here is the trailer for the movie …

Here is the version of “Hunter” used in the trailer …

Here is the original “Hunter” by Bjork …

Mackenzie Davis is in the new Terminator movie. She was also recently in the great movie, Blade Runner 2049

I often listen to the soundtrack of Blade Runner 2049 when I play Minecraft.

Swancraft server – short video

I love playing Minecraft on the Swancraft server so I wanted to make a quick video to show some of the highlights of the server. The video shows the spawn area, the crates area where you can use keys (which you get when you vote) to buy really great items, the shops area (there are tons of shops), and some of my bases (many of which are incomplete).

It is a great server, and I have not found another one like it so far.