The Life and Times of Nowhere Land – Episode 3

Nowhere Land is a really cool Minecraft server, and we are trying to get more players for it. Here is a video I made about it …

The Life and Times of Nowhere Land – Episode 3

Here is a recent Reddit post about the server …

Reddit post for Nowhere Land

I also have a YouTube playlist for Nowhere Land. Check it out …

Playlist for Nowhere Land

Please check out the server today! <<<<<<<< Server IP address!

The Life and Times of Nowhere Land , Episode 1

Please check out my first video for “The Life and Times of Nowhere Land”.

And you can check out my “Nowhere Land” playlist here …

You can also get all the info and links for Nowhere Land by viewing its Reddit post …

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My town, Arbor Waters, on the Nowhere Land Minecraft server

If you are looking for a new, fun Minecraft server to play, try Nowhere Land. It is a survival/semi-vanilla Minecraft server that uses “towny” functions. The server IP address is, and there is a discord for the server, too, at

The server also has a Reddit channel at

The coolest thing about Nowhere Land is how challenging it can be. If you die, you lose everything and get thrown to some other part of the world, where you will have to survive and make a new home or try hard to get back to your old one (and another player may have taken it over).

The stakes are very high in Nowhere Land, but there are lots of friendly players to help you survive.

You can play by yourself in Nowhere Land and make an occasional visits to nearby towns’ shops to trade items, or you can build a big town and invite everyone to it. You choose how you want to play.

Check out the video for my town, Arbor Waters …

Here is the latest Reddit post for the Nowhere Land server …

Nowhere Land (new Minecraft server)

Nowhere Land is a new Java Minecraft server that I discovered on Reddit recently. The great thing about the server is how it is a little more challenging than a lot of the other servers I play (like Swancraft).

This server has Towny features so you can claim a town, and that will help you not get griefed (your town won’t get destroyed and you won’t lose your items).

Check out my YouTube video about this server and also check it out on Reddit.

Nowhere Land post on Reddit …

All About Bees in Minecraft

I started playing n the SuperFunTime Minecraft server about a week ago. It is a really fun server, and I have made a little base that has lots of bees flying around. I made a video for YouTube that shows a lot about the bees. In the video, I am planting birch saplings to make a beehive naturally generate. This can take a long time, and it does in the video.

Please check it out!

Also, here is a website for the Honeybee Conservancy that deals with the preservation of honeybees.

And here is a video about the Honeybee Conservancy …

A tour of the Mined Hype server

I made a video of the Mined Hype server. This server is a lot of fun to play, and it is very different from the main server I play on, Swancraft, because it does not have as many perks. The Mined Hype server feels like you are playing the main version of Minecraft, which is not as easy as some of the other servers out there. This challenge can make playing the game more interesting, though, because it is harder to find diamonds, enchantments, and other items that make you more the game easier.

The Mined Hype server also has a Dynmap that will allow you to see different geographical areas of the server, and it will let you see where the other players are and where they have claimed land. This map can be very helpful if you are looking for a desert, some coral, a jungle, etc. It will give you an idea of how far away the area is and how long it will take you to get there.

If you are looking for fun servers to play, definitely try Mined Hype if you want a bit more of challenge, and also check out Swancraft for more bells and whistles.